Brokers Welcome

Referal Agreement Hvarre Holdings LLC

Broker / Client Registration Form for Hvarre Holdings LLC

  • Hvarre Holdings LLC is pleased to pay licensed Brokers a commission equal to 2 percent of the net base price of a unit (real-estate only), on all Qualified Broker Referred Buyers. All Realtors, Agents, Brokers, and Buyer’s Agents to be paid by seller, must comply with the following criteria to qualify for this compensation.
  • Terms and Conditions of Registration

  • You must be a licensed Real Estate Agent and / or Broker in the State of Illinois. You must accompany the buyer in person to the Builders job site, office, or model on the first visit. Proper introductions, design preferences, lifestyle requirements, relocation, price, lender qualifying parameters, and other pertinent information Relative to the buyer’s situation are to be disclosed to the builder prior to or during first visit appointment in order to serve buyer professionally. No registration will be allowed if buyer has visited and registered with builder previously Telephone registration will not be binding. Builder shall keep Realtor informed as to status of working relationship between buyer and builder at all times. Commission will only be paid on net base price of unit that is contracted. Commissions will not be paid on appliances and improvements added to the base price before or after Initial contract date Commissions earned shall be paid by builder to Broker immediately after final funding. In the event no contract / purchase agreement has been executed, Realtor and builder agree that this registration expires 120 days from that date below unless registration has been renewed by Realtor with builder.
  • Buyer Information

  • Broker Information